Private label belts

cinture personalizzate private label belt
We produce private label belts

We are a handcrafted production company, where commitment and respect for the word given to the customer are of great value.

That is why we guarantee adherence to deadlines, flexibility and ti continuous assistance.

We are able to ensure a complete 360-degree belt customization service.

From the research of materials and accessories to the development of new products to exclusive customer designs.

Firstly, we offer the possibility of creating collections and prototypes together to approve mass production or in discrete quantities.

All the way to quality control and packaging also customized.

With us you will have maximum ‘assistance, it will suffice:

First, select accessory materials. Then, choose model construction and structureand color nauce. And finally, send your logo. We take care of the rest.

Nearly 40 years of experience enables the staff to provide extensive advice and resolution of technical and peroductive issues.

Our expertise.

We make available to our clients all our technical knowledge and extensive experience in the best Italian manufacturing of customized belts .

This allows us to offer advice always in line with brand identity and market trends.

Our clients are brands of excellence in the Italian and international scene fully in line with the values of Made in Italy and high quality.

We can realize your ideas, reproduce them into finished products and personalize them with your brand name.

First of all we enjoy an assorted stock of materials and a wide variety of buckles and accessories.

Then we have a very large collection of belt styles, patterns and constructions to offer unique and original accessories.

After that we produce finished products from scratch just to meet all the technical requirements and uniqueness needs of our customers.

With delivery times are very fast and diligent.

In the end we offer customized packing services produced in-house and inceptible quality control.

We appreciate the value of custom belts.

In this paraphrase, we tell you that our company has a passion for sartorial products and luxury leather goods.

We love to match our creations with shoes and total looks.

We know, as published by Faster Capital, that consumers now do not like standardized products.

Young people and those who like to follow fashion are always looking for novelty and innovation to mark their concept of individuality.

That’s why our skills are a perfect match for the uniqueness of your brand.


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