Bruna Cognac

Bruna Cognac

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made in italy

Customised available in different colour and  adjustbale systems.

Designed and created from “ALEN 2”, renowned Neapolitan leather good company.Our belts are an stylish an tasteful accessory accessory ,  very beautiful and exclusive, suitable for any occasion.

Our belts are the result of a meticulous Masterpiece Artisan completely hand made according to the best tradition of the leather workers and tanning Made in Italy. This makes each belts unique and inimitable  ,there will not see in other shop our competitor.

The belts are made with the highest quality material and available in various color and different version to suit  your tastes.

Whether you want something refined and simple, or something more elaborate and rich, ALEN2 belts will satisfy you in the various models to choose from.

The quality and workmanship of this belt represents the excellence of Made in Italy and the mastery of the artisans and leather workers.

Alen 2 belts are a great way to add personality to your brand or store and make a difference!



Materiale della Fibbia


Tipo di Fibbia



100% Recycled cow leather




3,5 cm

Tipo di Chiusura della Fibbia

Machine stitched

Finitura Fibbia

Gold Polished, Polished Nickel

SIZE CM WAIST 90 105 110 115
PIECES 1 2 2 1

ATTENTION! Our company can produce customized size requests on commission.

Some photos of the standard packaging we carry out for our customers


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The ideal belt size is measured in cm, with the belt closed and the buckle fastened at the third hole (starting from the tip), which is the center hole. To find your ideal belt size, we recommend following some simple suggestions: if you have a belt that you wear regularly, measure the distance between the most used hole and the end of the tip, which is equivalent to the waist measurement.

Waist Measurement
Measurement of Total Length

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La misura ideale della cintura è espressa in cm, con la cintura chiusa e la fibbia allacciata al terzo foro (partendo dalla punta), che corrisponde al foro centrale. Per trovare la tua misura ideale di cintura, ti consigliamo di seguire alcune semplici indicazioni: se hai una cintura che indossi regolarmente, misura la distanza tra il foro più utilizzato e la fine della punta, che equivale alla misura della vita.

Misura della Vita
Misura della Lunghezza Totale